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Our ambition is to inspire, energize and empower organizations and individuals to make a difference with a meaningful impact through Organization Design and Life Design.

We believe that we can drive value by enabling individuals to live life on purpose and by turning their passion and energy into a collective force. During the 90 day program we will be using THE GREAT 8 methodology and workbook that will give you the tools and inspiration to take control and get started with your best but also with your most meaningful year ever, both personally and professionally.

During the program we will be working together through the 8 steps. In the step-by-step approach you will learn how to:

• find your ‘why’ and sync your life purpose with the company ambitions > purpose and meaning
• invest in yourself and maintain the balance in all the roles you (want to) play in life > work life integration
• renew your energy by establishing tiny habits > well-being and vitality
• increase team empowerment and motivation > engagement
• boost your productivity and stay focussed on what matters most > priority setting

We lead these sessions multicultural, with groups from 10 up to 300 people, on location or via Zoom, both will have great energy and great impact! If required I can share some references and feedback such as from Philips, Effectory, SVB or PwC. The program scores on average 4.5 out of 5, and has proven to reduce burnout and increase productivity, engagement, empowerment, innovation and motivation.

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The Great 8 - Organization Circle

‘as in business, simple structures will give you some direction – such as your purpose, ambitions and goals in life; inspiration and motivation will get you started and habits will keep you going’


Get started shaping your own life – the 90 day program will give you the practical tools and inspiration you need to take control and get started with your best but also with your most meaningful year yet, both personally and professionally.

The program includes a 4-hour workshop in which you will work on all the 8 steps of THE GREAT 8. With the support of the program and the buddy system, we will make sure that you keep working on your goals and new habits for the next 90 days to build your new lifestyle.

If you are interested in a separate private or group session, please contact via below e-mail address.

(incl workbook)


Inspire, energize, empower and drive value through organization re-design – the program provides a toolkit of the most powerful methods and frameworks used in organization and life design work. It will enable organizations to assess, re-design and implement their operating model and principles that will deliver on:

✓clear direction of the organization that engages and excites
✓how to empower your team and measure success

The program will be tailor made for your organization. If you are interested, please contact via below e-mail address.


It’s time for what matters most – setting your priorities, and finding purpose or fulfillment at work and at home can be challenging for all of us.

This personal workbook gives you the practical tools and inspiration you need to take control of your life and get started on your best and most meaningful year yet, on both a personal and professional level.

It took me some time to figure out that all the management books I had read, all the classes I had taken, and all the effective structures and tools that I had been using in business, could be applied in my personal life too. I have converted them into 8 simple steps: THE GREAT 8.