The Great 8
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Get started shaping your own life - the 90 day program will give you the practical tools and inspiration you need to take control and get started with your best but also with your most meaningful year yet, both personally and professionally.

The program includes a 4-hour workshop and 3 X 1 hour live learning follow-up via Zoom in which you will work on all the 8 steps of THE GREAT 8 and you will also learn:

✓ how to set priorities and sync them with your life purpose, values and goals
✓ how to invest in yourself to maintain the balance and energy you need
✓ how to boost your productivity and stay focused on what matters most
✓ how to get started with your ‘week & day start’

With the support of the program and the buddy system, we will make sure that you keep working on your goals and new habits for the next 90 days to build your new lifestyle.

If you are interested in a separate private or group session, please contact via below e-mail address.

You can download the free week & day start board by clicking here